Christian Louboutin Outlet, “light mature” necessary shopping list, what do you miss?


A few days ago, small make up to be invited to participate in the christian louboutin red bottoms 2016 Christian autumn and winter new preview, this season is still adhering to the style of luxury. But more vivid colors, more fluid lines, there is a kind of rock and roll aristocracy and the ultimate luxury of the European Renaissance style encounter.

Draw inspiration from the world of fetishism and filled with bright lines, more unique and colorful design elements.

With complicated overlapping bandage crafted elegant curve, showing the christian louboutin black pumps unique style of cunning and playful compatibility.

Baby, watching is not also want a word to play a rock?


French shoes, clothing designer Louboutin Christian recently launched three new Piloutin handbags, to complete his 2016 fall and winter series of the same name. christian louboutin pigalle 120 Cinderella Cinderella for inspiration, the story of the glass into the design of handbags. Satin, embroidery, gold and silver color and other fine details of the processing, the use of the material on the soft touch of leather, but also to the limited edition of antique India ribbon to do, every handbag is a unique art! christian louboutin outlet Whether it is full of wild leopard, marine style pearl sequins or full of exotic beautiful embroidery, revealed that the various elements of Christian Louboutin designer for women love of praise. Come and enjoy the rest of the series!
As one of the most popular footwear brand Christian Louboutn (Louboutin Christian) has always been a love and hate”. Love is every season new shoes, always can let a person have the urge to immediately buy, buy, buy, “hate” is a super high heels also often is difficult to control. Red Bottom Shoes For Women Sale In 2016 early autumn the grinding of goblins and to challenge your limit, in the brand released early autumn series lookbook, the main scene is in the sports hall, prevailing models dressed in 80’s Striped Knee Socks, collocation 2016 early autumn Department of Christian Louboutin shoes, take a look at is very disturbing. 80’s Retro color, styles and red bottom shoes logo of rivet elements in shoe reflected, and bags will also 1960s Bohemian style into account, swaying tassels, handsome rivets are full of whims side. cheap red bottom shoes Follow the poster and make up to enjoy the amazing idea.

One minute to know a brand – Louboutin Christian


christian louboutin red bottoms perfectly highlights the women’s gentle and unassuming sexy mature, especially the phrase “every girl should have a pair of red bottom shoes made of fame.

14 year old Chris provided for fashion inspiration from the nightclub. When his apprenticeship, learning technology, talent to be soon is in the industry to emerge, and finally in 1992 created its own brand.

Once he saw the female assistant to the toes painted red fingernail oil, then try the sole painted red, he said “red shoes like shoes coated with lipstick, lets the human not on own initiative to kiss, plus exposed toes, it is very sexy.”

In many of the shoes, the christian louboutin pigalle 120 is the most popular classical money, materials or details of different derived from many “sub series”, of course, as long as you can one eye accurately say “Pigalle” has been very professional the.

For Louboutin Christian, a lot of customers have revealed that the red soles of men with a fatal attraction.

The blush, popular in the world, from the PA Di. LaBelle to Angelina Jolie, Maria Kelly, they all are the fans of Christian Louboutin heels, many celebrities are put his shoes as the important occasions of jewelry.